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Wellness Center and Well Polished Spa

What was I doing last night?  Well, let me tell you – I was at a 100% organic and vegan spa and wellness centre. THEY MAKE THOSE! I didn’t even know! You guys – it was so awesome to be able to walk in and have them put things on my body and not have to worry about it! I am super careful anyway, but pregnant me is a little crazy.  I didn’t even have to think twice about it.  Also, when you walked in – it didn’t have any powerful or overwhelming smells at like (like strong nail polish or remover, etc).

You want a peak? 

First of all, we got to come in to some delicious healthy snacks and fruit water. 


I got a lip treatment done with these lovely little bottles - Eminence Lip Trio

My lips are so smooth and soft now.

 My (swollen) hands got a wonderful massage with this glaze and lotion.   I smelled like honey for the rest of the evening.  Ladies.  You need this. 

Finally, I got a neck and shoulder massage in a chair, which was bliss because my belly is so tender and there is no way in heck I could have laid down – even with a belly hole.  I just melted into that chair.  Pretty sure I drooled.  I KNOW I had to fix my mascara afterward. 

I wish I lived closer because I would be all over getting my nails done there. 

Oh! And there is a chiropractor.  So I got adjusted, of course.  I highly recommend everyone see a chiropractor.  It is so nice to have everything re-aligned and in it’s place.   Also, pregnant mamas – it can help get your body lined up and ready to go for a smoother labor.  Right?!  Just go.  You will love it. 

Here is where to go: The Wellness Centre and Well PolishedSpa in Katy, Texas. You can also follow them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/katywellness and Twitter: http://instagram.com/katywellness

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