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Four Ways to Help Your Family SLEEP!

Sleep is so important.  And wonderful.  Slipping between those cool sheets and burrowing your head into a nice, comfy pillow is one of the best feelings.  However, sometimes your baby/toddler has other plans.  Like singing the song of their people - ALL NIGHT LONG. 

One time, my husband was in Germany and I swear, my boy made it his goal to keep me awake the whole time.  One night he literally stayed awake all night.  Around 4 I got out of bed, got us dressed, and took him to my mother’s house.  She took the little tyrant while I took a nap. 

When I woke up I frantically called my pediatrician.  There was no way I was going to survive for 10 days while my son went on a sleep strike and my husband was out of town. 

Fortunately, the nurse on the other end had two immediate solutions. 

The first was to open up a glycine tablet and put it in his milk.  You can buy these at the vitamin store, or here.  This is the brand I used (so I know it works), but other brands will probably do the trick. Sorry I don't have a picture, we used them all up and I am needing to order another bottle.  

How does glycine help you sleep?  It can increase the serotonin levels and lower core body temperature.  It is also thought to inhibit muscle activity during REM sleep. 

Honestly, I don’t really care how it works. I just know that IT WORKS. 

 The second option was to give him these glorious little homeopathic tablets.  I am not actually sure how each component of this tablet works.  I can tell you that homeopathic medicine is mostly made from minerals and plants that are VERY diluted.  Homeopathic medicine believes that “like cures like”, so small doses can cure, when bigger doses would actually cause those same symptoms. 

You guys.  It worked like a CHARM.  We both slept all night the next night.  AND we continued to use these tricks over the next couple of years on occasion.  Usually if there was a change in schedule, or our boy was over stimulated, or we had been traveling.  He’s a sleeping champ now, but let me tell you – I have everything here and ready should the need arise.

Since then, I have also started diffusing Peace and Calming while we sleep (especially on days where we have been busy or traveling).  That also helps us all get a good night’s sleep. 

One final tip: If I need extra help getting to sleep, I add a little Rutavala to the diffuser.  It’s like taking a sleeping pill with NO crazy fuzzy/hangover feeling in the morning.  I am not sure if this is safe for kids, so I just use it for my husband and I. 

There you go! All my sleeping remedies.  I am sure there are tons more out there, but these are our tried and true “get a good night’s sleep” tricks.  ;)  Sleep well!

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