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Four ways to have a "natural" C-Section + FREE Printable Hospital List!

Letting go of my natural birth was so so hard.  It became clear at 41 weeks that I was not going to start labor spontaneously so my midwife went into "get baby out mode". I went in everyday to the birthing center.  We tried literally everything.  Over the week I had my membranes stripped three times, swallowed 4 oz of castor oil, took black and blue cohosh, pumped, bounced on my birthing ball and prayed that the baby would come OUT!!!

Legally, in Texas, at 42 weeks the midwife has to turn her patient over to a Dr.  As week 42 approached, we began to talk about our options.  Option 1: go to a Dr. who would let me try to be induced and have my baby at the public hospital.  Option 2: go to a Dr. at a private hospital who would only allow a c-section.  We were unable to get ahold of the Dr. who would let me be induced.  So, option 2 was our only option.  

My midwife made the appt for us to meet with our new OB.  You guys, I cried all the way to the appt and all the way through it.  I was so disappointed.  I felt like such a failure.  I had SO wanted to have a regular birth.  I knew that a c-section wasn't the best option for the baby.  I knew natural was better.  We just couldn't get my body to start labor.  I know that some women go to 43-44 weeks.  But legally, we didn't have that choice.  Also -my placenta was starting to calcify and had gotten progressively worse over the last two weeks.  It was time to get my girl out. The c-section was scheduled.  

I still was clinging to my crunchy beliefs, even though my natural birth was out the window.  Here are four ways we had a "crunchy" c-section. 

1. We asked my Dr. to "milk" the umbilical cord.  This is the equivalent to delayed cord cutting.  It allows more blood to go into the baby and can decrease jaundice. My tiny one had NO jaundice.  Not a trace.

2. I asked for baby girl to be placed directly on my chest right after birth, and they did it! Skin to skin immediately!

3. I spoke with the Anesthesiologist ahead of time also, and explained that I respond super well to medication and my last spinal took forever to wear off.  She took notes and listened and it was AWESOME this time.  

4. I delayed baby girl's first bath. The vernix on the baby's skin helps protect them from infection and is a natural moisturizer.  Baths can also mess with body temperature - something that babies aren't good at maintaining at first.  

So there you have it.  My attempts at redeeming a c-section.  I hope these tips help any of you who are facing a c-section.  A c-section can for sure be scary and overwhelming, but these tiny people are SO worth it. 

Bonus: Free printable hospital list.  I gave you everything I actually USED + a couple things I forgot and wanted.  Ginger kombucha is the first thing I was able to keep down.  I had really hard time coming out of anesthesia and couldn't keep down ice.  One sip of ginger kombucha and the vomiting STOPPED.  Also, notice that the first half of the list is food.  Mamas, if you are anything like me you are going to be HUNGRY.  I ate everything in sight and was SO glad friends had brought us tasty treats. Just be sure to have some protein - my favorite source was the quest bars.  Ok, about all the electronics.  I used my computer for netflix, my phone so I could send pics of my new girl to friends and family, and the camera because it takes better pictures than my phone.  Keep in mind: the hospital provides diapers and wipes for baby and giant pads and disposable undies for you. USE THEM. You are paying for them. 

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