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Ginger Tincture (and gingersnap tea!)

Ginger.  Mmmmmmm. Spicy and packed full of flavor. This little root is a real wildcat.  It also has some health benefits that can pack some punches.  Ginger is used to treat nausea, may reduce muscle pain and soreness, has anti-inflammatory effects, may help with blood sugar, could potentially have anti-cancer properties, AND can boost your immune system. PLUS, it’s delicious.  Which brings me to this tincture.  It is my current favorite.  And SO easy.

Collect the following: ginger root, Bacardi 151 (or another high proof alcohol), knife and jar. 

Step 1: peel ginger (I just used the knife and just kind of scraped it off)
Step 2: chop into tiny pieces
Step 3: pack the pieces into the jar
Step 4: pour alcohol over pieces and fill the jar to the top
Step 5: wait two weeks

That’s it. It’s literally a 5-step process.  After two weeks is over, then pour off the alcohol and place into a glass bottle with a dropper.  Ta-da! You have ginger tincture!

What do you do with it now, you may ask?  You CAN take a few droppers full straight out of the bottle.  But here’s my favorite way to drink it.  I brew some delicious gingersnap tea (from Bulk Herb Store), add some cream and drop SEVERAL drops of tincture in there.  It’s hot, spicy, sweet and warms you from the inside out. 

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