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Ninxia Lemonade


Ningxia Lemonade: Antioxidant Ninja? That's right.  I said it.

This coral colored lemonade didn't get this beautiful from dye.  It woke up like that, thanks to Ningxia Red.  Ningxia Red's main component is the wolfberry, or goji berry.  This tiny red berry can help a multitude of "ailments".  It can help with diabetes, cholesterol, heart health, skin, sleep, boost your immune system AND help your eyes.  Ningxia Red also has the antioxidant equivalent to 100 oranges.

There's no way you can eat 100 oranges in one sitting.  But you CAN have a shot of Ningxia Red in your ice cold beverage.

I made this lemonade with stevia, so it won't spike your blood sugar.  It's so tasty and refreshing that you won't even miss the sugar.

First, Lemons.  I use half a lemon per glass.

Next, water and some liquid stevia.  I have loved this one from Trader Joes.  It doesn't have any weird aftertaste or get bitter.

Finally, the star of the show: Ningxia Red.  I put two teaspoons in this glass, but that's mostly because I wanted another glass.  Don't be afraid to add more! It's delish!

So there you have it.  Enjoy a glass and tell your free radicals to prepare themselves for a punch in the face!

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