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Probiotics For Baby

So, I've had 2 c-section babies.  Studies show that c-section babies have different micro flora in their guts.  Therefore, I am now obsessed with gut flora.  I constantly think of ways I can get probiotics and fermented foods into my children.  It's easier with my oldest since he can drink shakes and eat basically anything.   It's a little harder to do that with a baby.  Here are my three ways of getting probiotics into her little belly. 

1.  The "nip dip" 
That's right, I said it.  Also, I am basically going to leave this to your imagination. 


Suffice it to say that you dip your nip in the probiotics and then let your baby breastfeed as normal.  

2.  The bottle
This is easier if your baby will take a bottle.  Mine is bottle striking and has stood strong for 3 months now.  Solidarity, sister! Anyways, just slip a little probiotic powder in the bottle and let them drink down those good bugs. 

3. YOU take them.  
Probiotics do in fact go through your breastmilk.  Warning: work your way up slowly.  My first day on them was NOT a happy day for baby girl.  24 hours and a chiropractor visit later, she was back to her happy little self.  We haven't had any issues since then, and I have steadily increased them so we both can have happy, buggy, guts.  My own gut needed some serious work after those antibiotics that are required after a c-section.  

Here's to guts FULL of microflora! 

Any one else have any tricks up their sleeves?! I'm all ears! 

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