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Sleepy Milk + why I use organic dairy!


Full Disclosure:  I originally worked on this recipe with the intention that it would make my child sleepy and help him to sleep better.  While I am sure that it does contribute to the quality of his sleep, it doesn't actually make him calm and sleepy like I was hoping.  It DOES sneak in some things I want him to have that he won't otherwise take. However, the name "sleepy milk" stuck.  So, here you go! 

Sleepy milk tastes almost like a vanilla milkshake.  It was actually inspired by a treat my grandfather used to make me.  When I would spend the night over there, he would fill a jar with milk, sugar and vanilla, add ice and shake until frothy.  I loved it.  SO, I used it to construct something equally delicious and significantly more nutritious.  

First, milk. I use whole, because these little people need lots of good fats.  Also, with all dairy I use organic and here's why:
- No antibiotics
- No hormones or steroids which can mess with your endocrine system
- Higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids
- Vitamins A and D which are in milk are fat-soluble - they NEED fat so your body can absorb them

Next, maple syrup.  I really, really try to use grade B, but here's the truth.  I ran out and Costco only had grade A.  SO, do what you can peeps.

Add some gelatin. You can read about the perks of gelatin PLUS get a recipe for another yummy gelatin treat here.

Next, some probiotics - because we ALL could use some good microflora in our guts.

Throw in a little vanilla and some ice cubes and blend it all up.  It froths up so nicely!

I mean, really.  Look at all that glorious foam!

Pass it over to your little one and tell them to pack their bags for dream land!

Place these ingredients in the blender:
1 cup of organic milk 
1 TBPS maple syrup
1 scoop of gelatin
1 tsp of vanilla
1 tsp of probiotics
3-5 cubes of ice

Blend until mixed and frothy.

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