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Virus Fighter: Supercharged Echinacea

It's no secret that I love natural remedies.  It's also no secret that my husband is almost a PA.  Folks, its East meets West over here in the medicine world.  But guess what?! My husband researched and found medical studies over natural medicine and then BOUGHT THE NATURAL THINGS.  Because he loves me.  One of these gems is Esberitox.

These little tablets (6 is recommended) can help you fight off the common cold AND the flu!  Impressed?  I am!

Another plus? They don't taste nasty! They're a little sweet, and mostly just tasteless.  Chew 'em up and kiss your cold goodbye!

This supplement is two different types of echinacea and a blend of other herbs that help boost your immune system.  People, these are awesome! I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in over half a year, am stressed to the max, and have two kids who bring home all sorts of things.  I should have been sick a million times.  Every time I start to feel slightly under the weather, I take these bad boys and I have gotten better every time! I KNOW these work! However, if you're like my husband and want to check out the study yourself, go here!

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