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Diaper Cream - kick that rash in the booty!

The dreaded diaper rash. We've all seen it. That horrible red rash on your tiny person's little bum.  It just looks painful and according to the screams during changing - it is.  People, sometimes the poo that comes out of those tiny little booties can cause blisters in like 30 seconds.  So what do you do?!

I have the EASIEST, most effective, yeast-killing diaper cream.  2 ingredients.  You ready?

1. Gentle Baby essential oil
2. Coconut Oil 

Blend 1 TBSP with 1 drop of oil. (You want to keep the essential oil at 1% dilution for babies and children.) That's it! Apply to that tiny baby bum and watch the rash fade away.  It has worked for BOTH my babies.  That one TBSP should last you through several diaper changes - just dip your fingers in and generously rub the oil all over your baby's booty.  

Gentle Baby is composed of these oils: geranium flower oil, rosewood oil, coriander seed oil, palmarosa oil, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, roman chamomile oil, lemon peel oil, jasmine oil, rose flower oil. It is gentle to the skin and has many other uses - but my favorite is for killing diaper rashes. 

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