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Top 5 Uses for Peppermint

It's only April and it's starting to get hot.  Because I already can't get cool enough, let’s talk about this beautiful, green gem.  Here are my top 5 uses for peppermint.

1. Peppermint is not only a wonderful, cooling herb – it’s delicious.  Anyone else a fan of iced peppermint tea? Guaranteed to cool you down and hit the spot.  One of my favorite childhood memories is picking peppermint out of the garden and making sun tea with it with our friends.  We would beg some sugar from one of the mothers to sweeten our brew and guzzle it down.  In addition to cooling you down, peppermint tea can also help calm your stomach. 

Let’s raise a glass of this delish tea  to childhood memories of sticky fingers, spicy peppermint and iced tea! 

2 Tea bags of organic peppermint tea 

2.  My second favorite use for peppermint in our house is for fevers. Our pediatrician recommended rubbing peppermint essential down our boy's back when he had a fever.  Sure enough, brought it right down.  It's now a staple in our medicine cabinet.

3.  In addition to cooling you down, peppermint tea can also help calm your stomach. My husband drops the oil into his water to help calm his stomach - it's too strong for me, but it really helps him! I stick with peppermint tea for my stomach.

4.  I like to use the peppermint oil for headaches - rub some on your hands and then hold them over your nose like a cave and breathe deep.  Headache = GONE.

5.  Last, but most definitely not least, I use peppermint oil to help me stay alert while driving! It's THE BEST! Now, you might not need any assistance staying awake, but I am pretty sure there are some other mamas out there who haven't seen a full nights sleep in months, are struggling with insomnia, or just struggle with fatigue in general! GO GET SOME PEPPERMINT!

What do YOU use peppermint for?!

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