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Essential Oil Bath (for colds and viruses)

As soon as there is a fever, sniffle, cough or anything that alerts me to the fact that my babies are feeling under the weather - I stick them in this bath.  It seems to help loosen up stuffy noses, tight chests and calm and soothe fevers.  Also, the warm water gives them something to play in and helps distract them from the fact that they're miserable.

1 cup Epsom Salt
5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

I keep all these things in the bathroom, so I can just mix it up in my hand right before I throw it in the bath.  I take a handful of epsom salt and then drop about 5 drops of each oil into the salt in my hand. I then mix it up with my finger, and toss it in the warm bath.  I'll then add some more epsom salt til it equals about a cup.  See?! Easy peasy.  Throw in some fun toys, turn on some music, or even turn a show on your computer or iPad for the kids to watch.  Really, the longer you can keep them in the better.

There ya go!  One more home remedy to add to your arsenal!

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