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Favorite Skin Cleaner

I just have to share my favorite skin cleaner with you guys.  I have been using this for about 6 months now and I LOVE it.  I have also converted my husband AND had great results with my girl's ultra sensitive skin.

One word: NORWEX


Let me just tell you about it.  I first heard about Norwex when was looking for the best mop system ever.  Well, not only did I find the best mop in the world, I also found the best skin cleaner.  You are probably wondering how and why I found a floor cleaner and facial cleaner in the same place.  Great question.

Norwex makes microfiber products with an antibacterial silver-based agent imbedded in the microfiber.  Which means:

1. you don't need chemicals to clean your house and body
2. you don't need soap for your face and body
3. you an use this on tiny babies AND every other member of your family
4. you don't need a makeup remover
5. you don't need an exfoliator

Maybe you can't tell - but this was love at first sight.  One time I thought it was lost and I FREAKED out.  Like, pull everything out of the cabinets, turn the bathroom upside down, freak out.  Fortunately, I found it like 3 minutes in.  Close one.

Besides seeing an improvement in my skin, I also have seen an improvement in my girl's skin. My tiny girl has been struggling with eczema for the last few months and one of the approaches I took was to stop using soap on her little body so the eczema wouldn't dry out and itch more and the natural oils in her skin wouldn't be stripped away.  I also made some pretty serious diet changes and started her on probiotics - so I can't contribute her improvements completely on the norwex cloth, but I CAN tell you that it wasn't irritated after a bath and I can also tell you that it is now almost gone.  SO, something worked and I honestly feel like norwex contributed to that.

I seriously think you all will love this company AND it's products! Check them out!

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