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The Perfect Essential Oil Storage Solution

I have tried MULTIPLE ways of storing my oils.  My first oil storage box was this pretty wooden box.

It was perfect. It blocked sunlight, looked pretty on my shelf and held my bottles so nicely.  Until I outgrew it.  Which I did - quickly.  It also curves on the side, so it won't hold as many as I thought it would.  My oil stash multiplied like wildfire.  Can anyone else relate?! These tiny bottles were basically full of magic.  How could I stop buying them?!

Anyways, back to the point.  Storage.  It was a problem.  Oils were all over the house, I couldn't find them when I needed them. You get the point.  Enter these guys:

SO perfect.  I love that each oil has it's spot.  I can now alphabetize my oils and find the right one SO quickly.  They still block sunlight, but THESE can stack on top of each other.  So that means, when I outgrow a box, I can get a new one and stick it on top of the stack.  They fit well on a shelf, and I love they way they look.

You can NOT go wrong with these.  I started with two that I got for my birthday, loved them and quickly bought another. I can't recommend these highly enough.

I still use my old one for the big bottles that don't fit, my empty capsules, and any other oil paraphernalia that I have. I still love it, so this was a great use for it.

What is your oil storage solution?

P.S.  As I went to find the link for these awesome boxes, I noticed that they updated the listing and ADDED LABELS.  I am so jealous!

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