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My Dirty Little Secret (to an increased milk supply)

I have literally put off sharing this secret for months.  I have erased this post and re-written it several times.  Mostly because I really wanted to hate this product.  Like really. BUT, if it can help a fellow mom then I want to share my experience.  SO, here goes...

During the last trimester, I was flirting with gestational diabetes AND I had anemia.  Which meant that every time I ate, I would feel like I was about to pass out.  Awesome.  However, if I didn't eat I still felt like I was going to pass out.  It was a lose/lose situation.  

One Sunday, in the middle of church - breakfast hit my stomach.  I started sweating and blacking out and had to sit down.  I didn't end up passing out, but as I was sitting there with sweat streaming from my face I knew something had to change.  I remembered that I had one little packet left of this product I had tried before pregnancy.  Plexus.  I was so desperate for something to help me that I came home and drank my last packet of Slim.  And went the rest of that day and the next without feeling like I was going to pass out.  Needless to say, I stayed on this supplement for the rest of my pregnancy.  

Initially, I wasn't sure if I would stay on it after I had my girl.  As the days went on though, my mom and my husband kept commenting on how easy I had been to live with (I guess sometimes I'm not?!).  And I knew I would stay on this Slim thing while I was recovering from birth so that my hormones could level off.  

Baby girl arrived and much to my elation - MY MILK SUPPLY WAS AWESOME.  I struggled with my supply with my first pregnancy and had to start supplementing with formula around month six - and I worked SO hard up until that point.  

People.  I am now to month 8 with my girl and I am SO thrilled to say that we are still going strong! I am a working mom, so I have to pump when I am away from her.  Also, she isn't crazy about real food like I hoped she'd be so nursing is our jam.  And the supply is steady! I also recommend eating healthy, balanced meals.  Make sure you are getting good protein, fats and carbs.  Also, lots of water.  
(p.s. I did eat healthy meals and drink lots of water with my first, and still struggled with supply, that's why I know it's the plexus)

Here's the thing.  I am like 1 billion percent pro natural/crunchy/organic.  OF COURSE getting your supplements and nutrients from food is best.  However, our food is becoming depleted as our soil gets depleted.  I love that Plexus Slim is sweetened with stevia.  I love that it has nutrients that help my body balance my hormones, stabilize my moods AND produce lots of milk for my girl.

Disclaimer: I haven't noticed any difference in my weight loss.  The pounds are sticking on as strong as with my first pregnancy.  But that's ok. I know it will come off as my body heals from having a baby and as my hormones continue to return to normal.  

There you have it - my dirty little secret.  I hope that maybe this helps any other nursing moms struggling with their supply!  

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