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Goodbeing Box Reveal!

Want to see what's in my latest Goodbeing box?!  Ta-da! So many fun goodies.

So let's start with the St. Tropica hair mask and work counter clockwise.  After using this rich mask, my hair was so soft afterwards that it kept slipping out of my hair tie all day.  This is awesome since my hair is really dry due to my thyroid issues.  This gets two thumbs up from me, for sure.

Next, Pinup and Paramours solid perfume. It smells so amazing, however it just didn't last on me.  I have that trouble with most perfume, so if your skin is better at holding fragrances then give this a try.

Then we have the Derma e scrub.  I really liked this - it didn't feel harsh and my skin looked fresh and healthy afterwards.  I don't like to use these kinds of scrubs often because I have sensitive skin, so I have only used it once - but I will be using it again.

LipScience volumizer has taken the place of any kind of lipstick or chapstick in the mornings.  It makes my lips just a bit pink and doesn't feel tingly or taste weird.  I am really, really enjoying this product.

Last, but certainly not least is the Province Apothecary eye serum. This is probably going to last me a lifetime.  You only use the tiniest bit and mix it with a couple drops of water and then pat it around your eyes.  I have liked using it, but haven't been consistent enough to see a major change.  Since I get so much sleep  coffee and concealer I haven't stopped to take a closer look at my eyes.  Since sooner or later I will catch a good look, you better believe I am going to be continuing on with the eye serum. You know, cause these wrinkles, ahem, laugh lines aren't disappearing on their own!

Cheers to another amazing, healthy GoodBeing box that helps me cope with my thirties!

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