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Since it's been 10 years since I posted, I thought I had better give you all an idea of where the heck I've been!

Since I last posted we have have had quite a few changes in our lives. My cute husband graduated from PA school!! Hooray!! I can't even tell you what a load off our shoulders this is. We've worked so hard for the last 5 years to get to this point.  It's hard to believe we actually made it.

We sold our house in Houston and moved clear across country to Wisconsin.  Yep, we loaded all our belongings into a trailer, shipped it and then loaded our two cars and our two kids and took three days to drive through the good old U.S. of A.  CRAZY!

We have now both started new jobs, are in the process of buying a new house and adjusting to a new church, friends, and town.  Needless to say, life has been a whirlwind.

Although we are missing our sweet friends and family back in Texas (SO MUCH), we are enjoying some new experiences here in WI!

I took the kids to see a "pumpkin patch" expecting it to be the piles of pre-picked pumpkins stacked on hay bales that we have in Texas. You guys, it was legit pumpkin patch - as in a field of pumpkins where you get to pick your own.  SO fun.  We came home with way more pumpkins than I had planned for since my littles kept finding the perfect pumpkins.

The pumpkin patch was also selling all of this amazing squash! Look how gorgeous those colors are! 

Needless to say, we have been eating squash galore over here and loving it! We are also looking forward to doing more exploring in our little town and the surrounding areas.  I will share our fun adventures with you here!

My final update is this: I finally have prints tricking in from the printer and the first three are now in my Etsy shop! I have 7 more at the printer now, so be sure an keep an eye out for them! I had these prints up in my school room at our old house and I can't wait to find a home for them in our new house! Here are the first little animals to make their debut!

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